Thursday, August 7, 2008



8:53 At some point, Tweedledee needs to give up and just start calling The Voice "mommy." It's clearly what she wants.

9:15 The Voice sounds extra hoarse and mannish today. She must have switched to unfiltered. Soon she'll just be chewing on a mixture of used coffee grounds and unwrapped cigarettes. She's like some unholy combination of the Church Lady and a Hell's Angel.

10:05 The powers that be are in the conference room discussing Internet topics and the company's Web site. It's kind of like watching a chimp trying to learn algebra.

10:36 The Tool is talking about someone who is "fun to be around." Two questions: 1. How would he know? 2. If he can detect what constitutes a good personality, why is he such a constant ass?

11:02 Mrs. Boomhower (all-around handy lady for the company) just walked by and sighed/grunted. She reminds of the criminal mom from the Goonies. I wonder if she has a deformed son chained up in her unfinished basement?

11:33 Oh. My. God. Airwolf is on Hulu. Sign me up for The Best Week Ever show. I loved Airwolf as a kid.

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