Thursday, August 7, 2008


1:17 p.m. One of the editor's is trying to explain the term "in vitro" to a woman calling about triplets, as compared to the natural way of getting pregnant... she's fumbling around over there. Awkward.

4:09 Slim approaches another reporter (Big Boi is a very, very large man) and says in his outside voice "I hear you're leaving." He obviously didn't want this announced to the whole newsroom. Subtle, Slim, subtle.

4:10 Slim humiliates himself, the newsroom and the whole human race by refusing to give up on Big Boi after he refuses to be a member of the paper's crack pig-wrestling unit. How many times can he say no? How many of Big Boi's pig-wrestling "qualifications" can Slim dredge up to try and convince him? How many times have we heard Slim say "this is your chance for glory" in a 24-hour period? After five minutes of browbeating Big Boi, who looks uncomfortable enough to take his giant self and crawl under the very small space of his desk, Slim returns to his seat a dejected man. Heavy sighs. But wait - new life! More begging ensues, this time for Reba's husband to take part. Now he's going for her kids.... now he's throwing in his band geek history. Relevance? Time to give up the dream Slim... the fourth man is not to appear.

4:22 I just remembered that earlier a photog said she told Slim she'd pig wrestle if the men on the team would wear thongs. She is clearly in need of institutionalization to even say these things in jest. Slim in anything that provides less coverage than a burka is terrifying.

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