Sunday, August 17, 2008



9:18 I swear this place has no news sense. This is Fair Week, and it's dominated the front page every single day. The week before, we printed a Fair Tab with all the info about what's going on. So we've basically been running the information from the Fair Tab on our front page every day. Meanwhile, my story that exposes government abuse and waste has now been languishing for a week. So far, my story has been bumped by a prize-winning goat, a prize-winning pig, a feature about an old lady who hasn't missed the fair in a billion years, and a feature photo of a girl sticking her head through a plywood cutout. Accompanying the feature photo? The day's fair schedule! The same info that ran a week ago! Also on Friday's front page, a four-day old story about the Unabomber's cabin on display, an utterly worthless wire story about Julia Childs being a spy 60 years ago and two local stories that were nice to know but hardly earth-shattering.
Here's what should have happened: My story of actual substance goes up top, the two local stories run as well. Cut the Unabomber and chef spy stories all together. That would still leave room for the lame fair photo and schedule. Voila! We suddenly have a front page that matters! Why am I the only one who notices this?

10:47 Prof. Snape wants to know if I'll have copy to turn in today, and is annoyed when I say no. He can't believe that all I'm working on is my huge, three-part series (totaling six stories) about one of the biggest issues in county government. I can't stress enough how stupid this man is. Hey Snape, you may notice that I have turned in about 60 inches of copy this week that hasn't been used. You know, stories that actually contain important information.

3:12 Two of my editors call me irresponsible for actually using a quote where a county resident calls a county official "incompetent." Snape has spent the last two weeks writing about – and then defending his decision to write about – how Obama reminds him of Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro. Yeah, comparing Obama to Hitler is perfectly responsible. I swear to God this guy might lose an IQ competition with a mayonnaise jar.

4:30 The Tool comes back in a rage because Slim didn't meet up with him at the correct location after they teamed up to write/shoot the pig wrestling competition at the fair. The Tool announces that no one should "get him started" because he'll end up getting "thrown out of the building." I'd love to chuck his ass out. Apparently, after waiting for about 40 minutes, Toolboy just left him and came back. I'd have done the same thing.

4:35 Picturing Slim wandering aimlessly around the fairgrounds, grumbling about his lost glory because he couldn't form a pig wrestling team is highly amusing right now.

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