Sunday, August 17, 2008



8:58 How's this for a weekend of opposites? On Saturday, I went to a fight club party. We watched the UFC, fought each other, drank and played poker until late. Sunday was spent watching my nephew and baking cookies. My cookies rule.

12:52 Slim gets all pissy when I tell him that I can't do the pig wrestling on Friday because I have a broken foot. He doesn't believe me. Yeah, I'm the first one who signed up to go with him, but suddenly I'm looking for a bogus reason to back out? He practically rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever." He accused me of faking even though I'm supposed to be the "macho" one around here. Hey Slim, I'll gladly fight your cat-hair-covered ass on one leg.

12:55 Hey, Tiffers!

1:11 The Voice's personal life goal: Let no sneeze go ungodblessed! Reba has been sneezing a lot today, and every time she does, a barely audible "Bless you" comes drifting sweetly from The Voice's desk. If she hears it, she blesses it, which is a lesser-known corollary to "she who smelt it, dealt it."

3:44 I think I'll give myself the quote of the day for saying that I needed "to get unwussy in the chesticle department by getting tough implants."

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