Monday, August 4, 2008


8:34 Jan announces that there will be no coffee lady in the parking
lot today. Ever hear a cat get disembowled? Me neither, but I think
that's the sound some people just made. Yikes.

8:34 Just as the announcement ended, the short, spunky ad rat was
walking by my desk, and I could hear her whisper, "God, I hate this
place." Well, it looks like editorial and advertising finally have one
thing in common.

8:53 Oh no. I just realized I left my cell phone at home. Ever hear
a cat get disembowled...?

3:26 About an hour ago I agreed to join a four-person team that will
wrestle a pig at this year's fair. Could that have been a mistake? I'm
guessing yes.

4:14 The ad rats are loudly testing new ring tones. It's a congregation
of epically annoying proportions.

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